Maddalena Island, 07024 La Maddalena, Province of Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia (Italy)

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June 3 - June 8, 2018


Circolo Ufficiali Della Marina, Lungomare Ammiraglio Mirabello, 6 - 07024 La Maddalena (OT)

How to reach La Maddalena

To reach La Maddalena you can:

1. flight to the Olbia International Airport. 
Olbia International Airport is connected to many European Airports.
Shuttles will be organised on Sunday the 3rd and on Friday the 8th at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm (under request) from Olbia Airport to Palau (50 minutes drive) and back.
If you plan to arrive in an earlier or later date, please consider that there are public line coaches connecting Olbia Airport to Palau roughly every 2 hours (12 €), shuttles and and taxies (see below). 


To book a taxi and/or a shuttle, contact:

Mr. Gianpero Maludrottu +39-3472754115, gpmal63@vodafone.it, also on WhatsApp 

Taxi from Olbia airport to Palau: 80€ (book at lest 48 hrs in advance)

Shuttle (up to 7 passengers) from Olbia airport to Palau: 90€ (book at least one week in advance)

Important: mention Water X Workshop to get the above fares

2. arrive by boat from Livorno, Civitavecchia, Genova or Nice to Olbia Porto
public lines connect Olbia Porto to Palau.

From Palau you have to pick up a ferry (the coach/shuttle stop in front of the departures) to La Maddalena Island (Delcomar or Maddalena Lines). They are very frequent (every 20 minutes) and quick (15 minutes ride).

The Circolo Ufficiali is a 5 minute walk from the harbor of  La Maddalena


Advisory Scientific Committee

Christiane Alba-Simionesco (LLB Saclay, France)

Marc Johnson (ILL Grenoble, France)
Werner Kuhs - (Goettinghen University, Germany)
Claudio Masciovecchio - (Elettra, Italy)
Francesco Sciortino - (Sapienza University, Italy)